Genie Solutions offers small group training workshops in most capital cities to help you to utilise Genie to its full capacity. A variety of workshops covering different topics are run throughout the year, providing a great opportunity to extend your Genie skills.

Our training courses are jam-packed with clever tips and tricks that will have you leaving as Genie experts. As Genie is continually evolving and growing, so are our training courses. Keep an eye on the courses we have available and check back here frequently to make sure you keep up to date with what we have on offer.

Our Primary Training Courses

Letters and Forms Workshop

Would you like to become a whiz at putting together advanced letters and forms? Our Letters and Forms workshop will help you get the most out of Genie’s versatile templates. You’ll be leaving with lots of practical experience, and a copy of any templates we help you build!

Billing and Quotes Workshop

Do you want to minimise errors in quoting and invoicing, keeping your billing as accurate as possible? This advanced workshop helps you streamline your billing and receipting processes, helping you take a proactive approach to managing your practice’s cashflow.

Medicare Online and ECLIPSE Workshop

Want to take the guesswork out of creating, managing, and receipting your electronic claims? Our new ECLIPSE and Medicare Online workshop gives you hands-on experience in every aspect of online claiming, from initial configuration all the way through to receipting.

Practice Management Workshop

Want to know how Genie can assist you in your practice management duties? Our Practice Management workshop will give you practical experience in data maintenance, reporting, updating Genie, and security management.

Searches and Quick Reports (Admin)

Learn how to unleash the power of Genie’s search and reporting functions. Spend a day with us as we show you some of the ways in which Genie can assist you with all of your search and reporting requirements.

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