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Genie v9.0.5 now available – watch the showcase video here

Date posted: Dec 21, 2017

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Genie Version 9.0.5, 20 November 2017 is now available for download.

Watch the showcase video here.



Major changes in this version include:


  • Implement the ability to receive BPAY payments and use updated Remittance Advice sections including Direct Deposit.
  • Implement the ability to Paste into the Receipt by Invoice Number window.
  • Removed ability to store images behind the text of letterheads since it is not respected when printing the letterhead.
  • Improved quality of image resolution on invoice and receipt letterhead.


  • Include the LMP date into the Reason field when opening the Pathology order form.
  • The Cervical Screening Tests window (previously the Pap Tests window) has been updated to support the current terminology.
  • In Pathology requests window, “Pap Tests” has been replaced with “Cervical Screening Tests” to support the current terminology.
  • Adjusted current BASDAI scores to allow for single decimal places rather than whole numbers.
  • The Cervical Screening Tests have been updated to support more tests and reasons.

Practice Management:

  • When exporting a quick report file on Windows Genie should now generate a single file with the extension .gqr.
  • Users should now be prevented from saving a Quick Report which has no report columns added.
  • Implemented a mapping window to allow manual updating of Quick Reports which are unable to be automatically updated after a database schema change has occurred.


  • When sending SMS messages, Genie will now retry immediately if networking or communication issues are encountered.


  • Removed character limit/restriction on the ‘Password’ field in the ‘Editing WorkCover Online’ window.

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • SSL is now enforced for SOAP requests.
  • Improved storage of Quick Reports to avoid requirement to update them each time the database schema is changed.
  • Update wording of the Overdue Invoice Alert when registration is set to expire.
  • Updates to logging in Genie.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed occasional file creation error when generating a PDF as an attachment to an email.
  • Fixed the issue where Fields are missing when reprinting pathology requests through Open > Investigations Audit.
  • Fix issue where SMS reminders were not sending from the Genie Server.
  • Fixed bug with PHP port allocation on startup when using Windows Terminal Services.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect page orientation of letterhead on invoices and receipts.
  • Prevent duplicate records appearing in the Laboratory table after Genie format patient import.
  • When accessed from a patient’s clinical file, the Investigation Audit window no longer updates to show all records after re-printing or creating a new request.


For more information consult the Revision History and the Genie Manual.

This update is available from the “Special” menu within Genie, and at our Downloads page.

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